When Cancer is found early, treatment is always simpler and more likely to be effective.
Self examining one's own breasts every month is the best method for detecting the early stages of breast cancer.
10 minutes a month is all it takes.
The greatest weapon we can use in the fight against breast cancer is public awareness. As deadly as breast cancer is, it can be cured only if it is detected at the early stages.
In recognition of the increasing incidence of breast cancer, this breast self examination kit has been developed for the women of Lagos State to be empowered in detecting breast cancer early and seeking appropriate medical treatment
Breast sense contains all the information and tools you need to become breast aware, remember T.L.C. - Touch, Look and Care.

Breast Sense DVD

This will show you the correct techniques to enable you to carry out your self-examination and also shows you the anatomy of where and how you should check.


It is designed as your aid to make your self-examination easier and more comfortable, it will allow your fingers glide smoothly across your breast area.

Carrier Pouch

You need something to store and keep your glove tidy. A pretty pink pouch is provided to you to hang your glove in the shower and remind you of your feminine 10 minutes each month.


Contains easy to follow steps for your self-examination and includes a 2 year calendar to help you keep track of your self examinations.
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