When Cancer is found early, treatment is always simpler and more likely to be effective.
Self examining one's own breasts every month is the best method for detecting the early stages of breast cancer.
10 minutes a month is all it takes.
The greatest weapon we can use in the fight against breast cancer is public awareness. As deadly as breast cancer is, it can be cured only if it is detected at the early stages.
In recognition of the increasing incidence of breast cancer, this breast self examination kit has been developed for the women of Lagos State to be empowered in detecting breast cancer early and seeking appropriate medical treatment
Most female adults are usually so busy having to concentrate their efforts on caring for the family, managing the home and /or developing a career, that they spend too little time thinking about their own health.

However when serious illness, such as breast cancer, affect their families or friends, most stop and consider the situation and some realise how serious an impact it would be on their own family. Unfortunately too many do nothing and continue with their busy life, believing it will not happened to them. This is not fair on themselves, or family or friends.

An independent survey revealed that nearly half (47%) of women do not know how to carry out a breast self examination, and of those who do, only a minority carry out regular self examination.

Whilst everyone knows that prevention is better than cure, there is irrefutable evidence that with breast cancer early detection means that a patient will have more treatment choices and a much better chance of recovery.

With this in mind, Breast Sense was developed in 2005 and marketed in the UK and Europe. Since then the product has been further improved with more information, having an education DVD inside, which in the privacy of their own home, shows women how to carry out a self examination of their breasts and provides information on a lifestyle that may help reduce the incidence of breast cancer, and now in 2010, it will be marketed in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries worldwide.

The easy to use glove greatly enhances sensitivity for finger tips to feel any unusual or new differences when examining their breasts A printed instructions leaflet, calendar and a pink storage pouch for the glove is also provided.

The glove when hanging in the shower or left by the bath serves as a timely reminder for women to carry out that all important 10 minute self examination once a month, that may prevent many of the deaths caused by this dreadful disease.

Great strides are being made identifying the causes and further potential cures for breast cancer, meanwhile simple breast self examination will identify most potential irregularities early and give women a greater chance of recovery if a cancer exists.

Women should not be afraid to carry out self examination, since fortunately over 90% of lumps or irregularities are found to be benign, when examined further by a qualified professional.
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